Not-So-Simple Machines GSKSMO Contest

Create a machine to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging hand washing!



The objective of this contest is to create a not-so-simple machine to squirt soap or hand sanitizer into someone's hand.

The no-so-simple machine should include 10 or more steps. Once the machine is in motion, no human hands should touch it until the soap is squirted.

You can do this activity with your family, but the project should be led by the Girl Scout(s).



Need some inspiration? Check out these videos!

Joseph’s Machines – Pass the Salt

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass



Key Success Criteria


We will evaluate machines against the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Effectiveness of achieving the objective



Next Steps


Build your not-so-simple machine! Once it's ready, film a non-edited continuous shot of your machine completing the goal. Upload the video to YouTube, fill out the form on this site, and provide the link to the video on the form. (Make sure your YouTube video is set to public and not hidden).


What should be included in your video:

  • Introduce yourself and the rest of your team
  • Outline the steps your machine will take
  • Non-edited continuous shot of your machine completing the goal
  • We should be able to see every step in your video


Submission Instructions: 

  • When you click the Submit form above, you will be re-routed to a login page. You must first create a user account on the site to submit your video. 
  • After you have created your account, you can come back to this page and submit your concept.
  • After you have submitted your concept, please be sure to look through other submissions and vote on your favorites!


This contest runs May 12-June 15. All submissions can be viewed by the public through June 15. Winners will be announced via Facebook in June!


Grand Prize – 1 winner will receive a family membership to Museum at Prairiefire! ($95 value)

People's Choice Award - The winner with the most votes from the crowd will receive this award. Be sure to go in and vote on your favorite submissions.

Other awards will be provided at the judges' discretion. 




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